2019 How To Buy Bitcoin Guide Under 1 minute

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Hey, want to buy bitcoin but don’t know how to get to start? You come to the right place.

I will guide you on how to buy bitcoin in 2019 under 1 minute

Basic knowledge:

  1. bitcoin wallet: a digital wallet which stores your bitcoin/cryptocurrency
  2. bitcoin address: works like paypal email address, a unique address you can pay or receive bitcoin
  3. exchange marketplace: a place you can buy bitcoin with other cryptocurrency or money
  4. coinmama is a popular bitcoin marketplace you can buy bitcoin with credit card
  5. now enter your bitcoin address and payment info

Exchange marketplace type include broker, trading platform, p2p platform

Brokers are sites that allow you to buy coins via their platform at a set price, determined by the platform. In most cases brokers being more expensive than other types of exchanges, brokers are the most simple to use. Examples for a broker are Coinmama and Coinbase

Trading platform works like stock marketplace, platform find seller listing and buyer listing then make it even, but it’s kind of complicated for entry-level users. The most common platform is kraken.

P2P platforms works like eBay, buyer can talk direct to seller and choose the transaction way and payment method also price. Notice risk may occur since you are essentially sending money to an anonymous seller. On the upside, P2P platforms usually have more payment methods and flexible and availability. Two examples of P2P platforms are Paxful and LocalBitcoins.

Bitcoin wallet brief guide

A digital wallet can store send and receive your bitcoin.

You will get your wallet address when register trading platform online, but notice the wallet address is not controlled by you, so you must have your own wallet address to store most of bitcoin.

Or you can buy a hardware wallet for the highest level of security.

Check this bitcoin official guide to choose your wallet

Bitcoin wallet guide

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