Ezra Firestone – Smart Google Ads Download

Ezra Firestone – Smart Google Ads Download

Ezra Firestone – Smart Google Ads Download
Ezra Firestone – Smart Google Ads Download


In Smart Google Ads, you get 8 modules with 91 videos that combine in-depth strategy and step-by-step tutorials to help you leverage the wide-reaching power of Google.


Crucial Cornerstones Of Google Ads:

⊕ The Goal
⊕ “Why Your Business Needs to Beef Up Google Ads”
⊕ Demand Generation v. Capture Generation
⊕ Google Ads & Your Media Mix
⊕ 4 Pillars of Google Ads
⊕ Strengths & Weaknesses of Google Ads


Preparing To Run Traffic On Google:

⊕ Charting Your Direction
⊕ Getting Familiar With KPIs
⊕ Conversion Tracking
⊕ Setting Up Your Conversion Tracking
⊕ Attribution Models & Your Source of Truth
⊕ Getting Your Ass(ets) in Order
⊕ Getting Your Ass(ets) in Order: Messaging
⊕ Getting Your Ass(ets) in Order: Images
⊕ Getting Your Ass(ets) in Order: Videos
⊕ Creating Remarketing Audiences
⊕ Types of Targeting


Google Search:

⊕ Search Ads and Your Marketing Funnel
⊕ Targeting the RIGHT Keywords
⊕ Conducting Keyword Research
⊕ Leveling-Up with Quality Score
⊕ Segmenting Campaigns
⊕ Structuring Ad Groups
⊕ Search Ad Copy
⊕ Utilizing Search Assets (aka Extensions)
⊕ Manual Bidding v. Smart Bidding
⊕ Building Out Your Search Campaigns
⊕ Optimizing Your Search Campaigns
⊕ Advanced Tools & Tactics
⊕ “Search is Where Google Got Its Start”


Google Shopping:

⊕ Google Shopping and Your Marketing Funnel
⊕ Merchant Center Overview
⊕ Types of Product Feeds
⊕ Elements of a Product Feed
⊕ Product Reviews
⊕ Google Merchant Center & Promotions
⊕ Google Shopping Bidding
⊕ Building Out Your Google Shopping Campaign
⊕ Google Shopping Optimizations
⊕ “It All Starts With Your Products”


Performance Max:

⊕ Performance Max and Your Marketing Funnel
⊕ Elements of an Asset Group
⊕ Performance Max Ad Copy & Assets
⊕ Performance Max Strategies & Best Practices
⊕ Performance Max Bidding
⊕ Building Out Your Performance Max Campaign
⊕ Performance Max Optimizations
⊕ “The Machine Will Make It Better Over Time”



⊕ YouTube and Your Marketing Funnel
⊕ 7 Must Have Elements of a YouTube Video
⊕ 8 Winning YouTube Ad Templates
⊕ Laying the Foundation with Remarketing
⊕ Building Our Remarketing Audiences
⊕ YouTube Remarketing Strategies
⊕ YouTube Bidding Strategies
⊕ Building Out Your YouTube Remarketing Campaign
⊕ Using YouTube for Top of Funnel Ads
⊕ Building Top of Funnel Audiences
⊕ Building Out Your Top of Funnel YouTube Campaign
⊕ YouTube Optimizations
⊕ “It All Starts With Your Video”


Display & Discovery:

⊕ Display & Discovery and Your Marketing Funnel
⊕ Google Display vs. Google Discovery
⊕ Display and Discovery Campaign Types
⊕ Display and Discovery Ad Types
⊕ Using Display and Discovery for Top of Funnel Ads
⊕ Display and Discovery Bid Strategies
⊕ Crafting Your Message: Display and Discovery Ad Copy
⊕ The Most Important Element of Image Ads: Selecting Your Image!
⊕ Building Out Your Display Remarketing Campaign
⊕ Building Out Your Display Top of Funnel Campaign
⊕ Display Ads Optimizations
⊕ Building Out Your Discovery Remarketing Campaign
⊕ Building Out Your Discovery Top of Funnel Campaign
⊕ Discovery Ads Optimizations


Using Google For Full Funnel Marketing:

⊕ Putting All the Channels Together
⊕ Full-Funnel Perspective
⊕ Full-Funnel Perspective: Portfolio Metrics
⊕ Balancing the Budget
⊕ ROAS Based Budget Model Walkthrough
⊕ Leveraging Third-Party Tracking Tools
⊕ “Google Ads As a Catalysis To Grow”

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