Travis Sago – Royalty Ronin Download

Travis Sago – Royalty Ronin Download

Travis Sago – Royalty Ronin Download
Travis Sago – Royalty Ronin Download

What You Get:

Founding Ronin Deal

After 250+ of you said, “DO IT!”…

I’ve lovingly put together a community called The Royalty Ronin. 

Ronin means Samurai without a Master!

Our credo is…


Just some of the “things” I’ve got in store for Ronin…

*GOAL: $1k a Day in 1 Hour a Day. Goal, training and support to shoot for $1k a day NET plus FREE and CLEAR of delivery bog down. (Instant Access)

*Passive Cash Flow Mojo training – I’ve mastered the art of selling recurring products. I originally learned how to do this as an affiliate. Today with 1001 SAAS products to partner up with this has never been more timely! (Instant Access)

*Micro-Investing a few hundred dollars and seeing returns of hundreds of dollars per day. Example: I purchased licensing rights for a product for $800 that returned over $300,000 over 5 years. Screw the risky stock market and letting the economy rule over me when I can easily create my OWN INVESTMENTS. SERVE NO MASTER! (See the Ronin Method report in the sticky post. Instant Access.)

*Speaking of “licensing”, Royalty Ronin are getting licensing rights to the 2 Page Google Doc Cash Machine. They can sell it for whatever they want as long as it’s over $99. This comes with a product that WORKS and marketing materials which make sales. AND…they are also getting SUB LICENSING rights so they can flip and sell the rights to other influencers for $500, $1000 or more upfront + recurring royalties. There are some restrictions, but this is kinda big. I will also be licensing other products. I don’t wanna get in the weeds here, but collecting royalties through renting out IP we get control of is one of the most leveraged financial games ANYONE can play, but most peeps don’t understand it. This is one reason the rich get richer. Ronin with a little effort and practice will know how to license an asset and clone it over and over and over. I feel bad for folks that don’t have a clue about licensing.

*(Flip the above) – Get Ronin partners to sell YOUR PRODUCTS as an affiliate or under a licensing agreement. I’ll show ya how this works. Your product needs to be a high enough quality other Ronin will be happy to get behind. As Ronin grow so will YOUR affiliate army.  In 2008 and 2009 when the economy was in the tank, I was doing millions because I had an affiliate army out hungry to make sales of a great product they could get behind.

*See live in action deals done and playing out: The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.

*Showcase their skills, talents and experience so other members can collaborate with them.

*FUN! Have more fun and do repurposing deals & biz together: Some of you are great at getting deals, some of you are great at writing or video or podcasts, etc. We could leverage each other’s skills and talents…

*Celebrate wins and learn from each other’s successes.

*Have a shoulder to lean on when it doesn’t work out and learn from our “losses.”

*Save hours searching for the right tools and software by sharing what’s working for us.

*Let’s make lifelong biz partners and friends on our Ronin Roundups. We will have Zoom roundups and barring any pandemics (or health situations) I’d love to treat you to some Arkansas BBQ in Little Rock.


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